About Us

Tug Hill Operating is a privately held, independent oil & gas exploration company focused on drilling and producing oil and clean-burning natural gas in the continental United States. We believe that ethical business practices, high safety standards, and an unwavering focus on preserving the environment.

Tug Hill Operating is focused on acquiring, exploring, developing and producing oil and clean-burning natural gas in the onshore United States with a primary focus on the Marcellus Shale and Utica / Point Pleasant in the Appalachia Basin.  The Company currently operates a concentrated acreage position in a premier region of the Appalachia basin in Marshall and Wetzel Counties, West Virginia. The Company plans to continue to grow in these areas through select strategic acquisitions and grassroots leasing efforts.  

The Tug Hill Operating team is highly experienced and entrepreneurial, with a long history of working together.  The Company focuses on operational excellence and detailed analysis, with all decisions underpinned by deep technical and financial evaluation.  The senior team has acquired, operated, developed, and managed E&P assets in nearly every major US Domestic basin and has a proven track record of managing large-scale assets.

Corporate Responsibility

Public Safety
To promote safety, our employees are well-educated and well-trained on proper procedures and precautions. We utilize technology in the field and operate and maintain our equipment to the highest possible standards. This includes conducting regular site inspections, implementing safety programs, and monitoring all activity. Our commitment is to be responsible stewards of the land and ensuring the safety of the people in the communities where we live and operate.

Environmental Protections for Water
With energy independence in high demand, technology such as horizontal drilling enables the industry to access additional oil and gas reserves, whereby minimizing the impact on the surface. Through the use of this technology and adherence to best practices, the Company is able to preserve the water quality of nearby rivers, streams, and water wells. Additionally, the Company’s water use and disposal are managed with equally high standards and regulatory oversight by state agencies.